Thursday, January 3, 2013

Peggy & Joan, Urban Chickies

Meet Peggy and Joan, brave and adventurous Urban Chickies. Can you figure out which is which? Here's a clue:

Yep, our chickies were named after Peggy & Joan from MadMen. It actually all started with the name Joan for the Rhode Island Red, but then we decided to name the White Leghorn Peggy to go with the theme. I suspect if we ever got a rooster (which we have absolutely no plans on doing), we would name him Don.

Joan is the friendlier of the two. When I saw them out front scratching around, I went outside to grab a few pictures. As I walked down my front steps, Joan came rushing over. "Hello human! Have you got any scratch for me?"

Peggy kept her distance.

We were about to leave, so we tossed them back over the fence where they could scratch in safety. I think these two chickies need their wings clipped! I love that they feel comfortable but am a bit scared for their safety sometimes.

Mike (Joan only)
Their coop

Neighbor cats
Being picked up (mostly Peggy)
When you accidentally peek in on them while they are laying eggs
Flying into the window

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