About the Kuechenmeisters

Kuechenmeister is German for "kitchen master" and it's only recently that we've been coming into that name. When we were first married, I asked Mike if he would be willing to cook dinner once a week. He said he would--as long as I was okay with frozen pizza.

And now? Well, I just had pizza for dinner. The crust was made from scratch and topped with mozzarella, onions, green peppers from the farmers market, locally hydroponically grown tomatoes, and homegrown oyster mushrooms.

Let's just say we've come a long way.

Mike's passion in the kitchen has surpassed any interest I had and his newfound gourmet is inspiring me to try new things too! We're starting this blog to document our food adventures.


  1. very impressed Mike!!!! Definitely, far superior to any starbucks beverage you could make.

  2. hey Anna! ha, yep lets just say my heart is a little more in this.


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